How do you get people to realize Ouija is a board game and not something to be afraid of for less than $1,000? With Mr. Lonely Ghost, of course. He’s a frighteningly friendly ghost who simply wants someone to talk to. Take a spook at our purely digital and social campaign targeted at people who like to be scared. It's chillingly charming.

So we take to the social. This guy is out to follow some followers. 

Where do lonely people go to find other lonely people? Tinder. We made a profile for Mr. Lonely Ghost for people to swipe on. When they swipe right they open themselves up to a spiritual connection. 


Why not take it a step further? This guy just needs someone to talk to. Poor little ghost. Posting on Craigslist Missed Connections all over the world. 

We actually posted this and boy! oh boy! Have we received some interesting emails. 

I'm sure there's other lonely ghosts out there. Why not have a MeetUp? I'd go. Would you?

AD by actual living angel: Shannon Steger