I doodle to fill the odd times in my day. These are all from the oddest times of of my oddest days.  Find more of my doodles here.


Below you’ll find the first edition of my taxonomic catalogue of discoveries odd, interesting and sometimes dangerous entitled Plants I Know.

Please enjoy.

I drew my girlfriend a doodle every day until Valentines Day. The things you do when you're in love, and super, super broke. 

My friend had to miss her work as a nanny because she was in jail. She didn't know how to tell her kids what happened so I drew and wrote this for her to read to her kids. According to her, they loved it. 


Last night, Miscreant Morgan learned a lesson.
About paying fines on time and confessin’
She dodged the law and changed her name
But the officer was privy to her game
And put her behind bars
for not renewing the tag for her car.

In jail, she met a woman named Mitch,
who saw a fellow woman in a pinch.
Well, Mitch was wise and knew the ways
‘cause she’d been locked away for 17 days.
She knew Morgan was no crook
And decided to share all her books.

So they read and read and read and read.
While Morgan’s friends dread and dread.
The worse could happen, they thought.
But they seemed to have forgot
That Miscreant Morgan is smart and wile
She had that whole dang jail smiling.

After a while, Morgan got out
She kept a brave face. She never pouts.
Tomorrow is a better day, she thought.
Her mistakes define her? They do not!
Merely, lessons learned on her path in life.
To have happiness, you must have strife.